Services & Solutions  

Segregated, Allocated Storage
Korea Industrial Security Company (KISC), your holdings are specifically allocated to your account and physically segregated from all other holdings within the depository.

Unencumbered Ownership
You have direct and outright ownership to your assets at all times during your relationship with Korea Industrial Security Company (KISC).

Detailed Reporting
You can keep track of your stored assets with transaction confirmations and detailed statements.

Full Insurance Protection
Your valuables are insured to their full value against loss, theft and physical damage both in transit and when stored in the Depository.

Cost Effective
Our complete package of services (vault + logistics) benefits our clients in lower prices, shorter processing times and less risk.

Simple Delivery Option
You can quickly and easily instruct us to arrange for delivery of any of the items held within your Storage Account.

Precious Stone Storage
Gold and Diamond investments can be kept safely in KISC deposit boxes. The boxes can hold a maximum of 150 kilograms.

Data Storage
Protecting business’ important data is critical in maintaining the privacy of clients and staff. It is wise to secure data in off-site storage.

Once you register for a safety deposit box, you can access the facility whenever you want. We do not allow unregistered guests inside the facility unless they are with a client or when staff is present.

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